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Purchased from their internet site since I could not locate the car I wanted locally. Felt confident from past reviews and after speaking with salesman multi times.

Problems then began.

I declined anything on the contract but the vehicle and the normal dealer charges. The dealership added other services and items that they did not do, and that I refused and charged my account for these. Now I am out hundreds of dollars for these fraudulent charges.

The owner , Chris Wright admitted to the BBB that he would refund these but refuses to do so. The salesman as well did the same.

The vehicle pictured in the listing in no way reflects or is the same as the one I received. Bait and switch. My vehicle has severe corrosion and is missing major items . The condition is also not what I was led to believe. The pictures make the car look showroom clean with no rust.

The vehicle has MAJOR problems and is not drivable. It has been in the shop since the day I received it.

Mr Chris Wright , the owner has called me and left threatening voicemail stating he would sue me if I even made one complaint to the BBB or posted my experience. He made it clear that this is what he does if someone complains. I have the voice mail and all correspondence to back up all my claims.

I have submitted my complaint to the Attorney Generals office for consumer complaints to review this behavior and practices.

Here is a link to the pictures. They told me the vehicle had no rust or any issues. You can also see they posted pictures of a vehicle that does not look a bit like mine. If they would have posted the actual vehicle, I certainly would not have purchased. I hope this helps others.

The pictures with this post are exactly what I received, I did not remove or alter. Pictures were immediately taken after delivery.

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Hanford, California, United States #1176833

Lucky Motors posted lots of pretty pictures of my purchase but neglected to post any of damaged areas! $40,000 vehicle falsely advertised.

When I left a negative comment, owner Chris Wright holds my license plates hostage wanting a credit card # before they'll mail them. I've dealt with a lot of car dealerships in the last 40 years........none this unethical.


Look at their reviews. Do your due diligence.

i was looking for a vehicle and the negative reviews saved me from making a mistake.

I have also tweeted this and shared on Facebook .


All anyone has to do is Yelp , Google, search your business on the Internet. You do nothing but bully anyone who has an issue.

I did once I read this review and found many others with the same issues.

If you are the owner and respond to customers in this manner, you are doing something terribly wrong. All customers should avoid you and your "used car lot"


There are no records with the BBB on this or with the Attorney generals office and if my company defrauded you respond to my attorney who has tried to contact you or stop slandering me and my company and get a life!

Stop your lies and fake pictures and posts if half of the things you claimed where true I would expect you or anyone to get in that car and drive it straight backegk to us.

I go out of my way to resolve all complaints and we Evan offer a 30 day return policy it on our website,but I don't respond to threats or disrespectful people.


Chris wright.

to Anonymous #1083885

well put chris

to Anonymous #1087571

Well done lucky no problems there

Have a good 2016

to Anonymous Hanford, California, United States #1178689

Yeah a 30 day money back with a $1000 restocking fee!!!! Speaking of disrespectful, you need to look in the mirror Chris Wright!

to Anonymous Richmond, Indiana, United States #1212582

Don't go there. Very rude to customers.

No ethics. Obviously can not spell either.

to Anonymous #1242662

30 day back guarantee after a 15% charge and a huge re-stocking fee !! Dishonest !!! #ELMHURST

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